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People living with HIV that are able to keep their viral load at undetectable levels have significantly better health outcomes and are much less likely to transmit HIV. Unfortunately for our patients, the ups, downs and unexpected curves in life can sometimes get in the way of things like medical appointments. The Denver PTC helps healthcare organizations to find, link and retain their HIV patients in care.

The Denver PTC can assist with:

  • Help fill in gaps along the care continuum
  • Identify social determinants that prevent people from being linked to and staying in care
  • Provide effective behaviorial trainings (ARTAS, HIV Navigation Services) to assist with linkage to care
  • Optimize collaboration of linkage, engagement, retention and re-engagement program services
  • Formulate best practice models for particular care settings
  • Consultation for implementing data to care protocols

 Supporting Documents Title

DPTC Retention Informational Brief

DPTC Retention Informational Brief

Linkage to Care Brochure

Linkage to Care Brochure

Linkage to Care Protocol

CHTC Document Flow

Sample Data to Care Model

Data to care model


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