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Optimizing PrEP Adherence: A Toolkit for PrEP Programs in the United States
PrEP is highly effective at preventing HIV acquisition from sex and intravenous drug use. It is a key strategy to help the U.S. achieve its goal of Ending the HIV Epidemic. Addressing adherence is an important piece of this puzzle; randomized controlled trials of PrEP show a strong relationship between PrEP adherence and efficacy. As we mark the 10 year anniversary since the first PrEP medications were FDA approved, bringing together the latest behavioral theory, tools, and practices can help PrEP programs support their patients and clients to optimize adherence and retention in PrEP care. This toolkit provides: A summary of clinical evidence on PrEP adherence and persistence, including randomized clinical trials, demonstration projects, and observational data Evidence-based strategies for supporting PrEP adherence and persistence A “basic adherence package” for all patients An “enhanced adherence package” with tools for those who need additional support Adherence resources that programs can utilize and adapt
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